Common Questions

1.  What can I expect at my first therapy appointment?

     When you arrive, you can have a seat in the waiting room as I may have a session before yours, but I will be with you promptly.  At your first session, we will  begin to review your background and concerns to determine if I am a good match.  If you or I feel as though another clinician would be better suited to help you, I will provide you with referrals to better meet your needs.

2.  Do you take insurance?

     I am a participating provider with Highmark, Anthem, Capital Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Federal Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield, out of state Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans, and Medicare.  Please contact your insurance carrier to determine your benefits for mental health services prior to scheduling an appointment. 


If you would like to use your insurance, but I am not a participating provider with your insurance plan, you can contact your carrier to determine your out of network benefits.  I will provide a superbill to facilitate your reimbursement of your out of network benefits.  I accept cash, check, debit, health savings accounts, and credit card payments.  

3.  What can I expect from therapy?

     Each therapy session is approximately 50 minutes in length and varies in focus depending on your presenting concerns and treatment goals.  Therapy can be short-term or long-term.  Sometimes more specific issues can be effectively addressed in fewer sessions, while more complex issues may take longer.  


4.    Do I really need therapy?  I have always been able to deal with my problems on my own.

     It takes courage to face your problems and share them with others.  Therapy is a process of developing coping skills, gaining insight into oneself, and changing old behavior patterns to more adaptive ones.  We all face challenges at different points in our lives and therapy can be a powerful tool in helping you to manage your stress and achieve your goals.