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My Areas of Specialty

In addition to anxiety disorders, depression, life transitions, low self-esteem, and relationship problems, the following are areas that I have developed a special interest in.


Infertility is an area very close to my heart.  It can be an incredibly demanding and exhausting process to go through with lots of ups and downs.  I am happy to provide you with support and understanding to help you cope.

Helping Professionals

Being a helping professional can be rewarding, but also challenging.  Maintaining balance and seeking support can be important in coping with the demands of your specific profession.

Therapists and Therapists in Training

I truly enjoy and value the opportunity to work with other therapists and therapists in training as they navigate various issues that arise in their work.  I am also open to consultation opportunities as well.  

Graduate Students and Undergraduate Students

Given my training at West Chester University's Counseling Center and experience working with college aged individuals, I feel well equipped to assist students as they manage their academic and personal responsibilities.

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